Professional display fireworks anywhere in the UK.

Are you looking for professional firework shows to accompany your event? We at Dynamic Fireworks have a passion for delivering high-end display fireworks and creating excitement at any event in the UK. With over 25 years of experience in producing high quality display fireworks, we are one of the leading display companies in the industry. Display fireworks can be a great addition to your corporate events, fundraisers or party. We offer exciting shows tailored to your events. Thanks to our knowledgable pyrotechnicians we have been able to maintain a high standard and build a very respectable track record, regularly supplying huge corporate events with jaw-dropping visual displays that leave a lasting impression of excitement. As members of the CBI Explosives Industry Group, British Fireworks Association and the British Pyrotechnists Association, no other company is more qualified to deliver you exciting firework shows. At Dynamic Fireworks, our team of professionals is highly educated and is qualified at the Senior Firer level of the BPA. By using only the most advanced firing technology, our clients can be sure their display fireworks are not only visually satisfying but also meet the highest safety standards.

Personalised display fireworks from expert pyrotechnicians.

No two events are ever the same, which is why we focus on engagement and a personalised approach when it comes to meeting our client’s needs and planning our shows. Our team of experts will make sure the display fireworks we provide are perfectly tailored to your event and it’s unique atmosphere and message. We work closely with our clients to offer customisation in the greatest detail. For example choreographing your display fireworks show to perfectly match with music of your choice, or implementing certain color schemes that suit your identity. Our track record speaks for itself, exceeding our clients expectations time and time again with happy regular customers such as Audi, the Royal Air Force and many more. We take pride in our reputation and long standing parterships with these clients. No other company provides you with more professional service and attention to detail than Dynamic Fireworks does. This is how we create display fireworks at a level no one else can match. Our professionals will take the time to plan our firework shows hand in hand with our clients. We take pride in offering excellent customer service and our professionals are always available for your questions and input throughout the design process.

Get in touch with us and start organising your own fireworks show.

Wether it be a party, a wedding, a product launch or a charity fundraiser, get in touch with one of our professionals to see what we can do for you! We provide display fireworks for events of any size in the UK, private and corporate. If you want to know more about how we create our unparralelled firewok displays, you can either phone us during business hours, or contact our staff via e-mail. Unsure of what exactly your event needs? Our experienced team of professionals is ready to offer as much advice as needed. With hundreds of successful display shows under our belt, we will find the perfect visuals to accompany your event, and make it a spectacular one. If you prefer doing business in a more personal manner, or simply want to talk to us to find out more: Dynamic Fireworks has three showrooms where you can stop by and meet one of our professionals. The adresses and opening hours of these showrooms can be found on our website. We are looking forward to creating beautiful display fireworks together!